Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

Christmas is such a special time. It is also an amazing time to sneak a special Christmas gift in amoungst the presents that will sow seeds into your childs eternity. All of us do numbers with our kids, help them read for the firs time, learn to write. Christmas is an amazing time to sow some everlasting seeds into our kids.

Here are 3 amazing book gift ideas…

You Are Special – Max Lucado

This is a personal favourite. It is so well illustrated, there is a wonderful big beautiful gift edition (£7.80) and also a board book edition (£3.99) . So no matter what age your child is that you want to afirm in them God’s love and how unique and special they are, there is an edition for you.

Diary Of A Disciple – Scripture Union

Diary of a disciple (£6.99) is all about Dr Luke who wrote Lukes Gospel and brought us the book of ACTS, I think we all know the book of acts very much feels like a diary. Well now it is, and it is the perfect diary for your kids to explore the explossive power of God’s spirit at work in our lives.

Jesus Storybook Bible

The Jesus Storybook Bible (£9.99) is all about highlighting where Jesus is in every story, no matter whether exploring old testament stories and scripture. Or the more obvious parts of the New Testament where is actually physically present. It is a great way of sharing a key theme of the Bible will your kids from an early age in a way they can understand.

We hope you have an amazing Christmas. If you do grab any of the above gifts please let us know how you got on with them. Email us at see you soon!

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