Two [Series]

Two [Series]

2019 is being kicked off in style. Last year we had a blast looking through Marks Gospel chapter one. So we want to start the year right in the second chapter.


Raise The Roof

[Mark 1:1-12]
Overcoming obstacles in faith, not just for yourself but others. 4 men carried a paralytic man to Jesus. Couldn’t get him in the house so climbed up onto the roof. Made a hole and lowered him down the hole to Jesus.

How far are we willing to go for others?

Jesus calls the unloveable

[Mark 1:13-17]
We drew villians from comic books, or created our own. Talked about the bad things about them that makes you not like them.

Then we talked about Levi the tax collecter what that meant, why he was hated. Jesus called him like He does us. Jesus loves us, he loves all. He wants us to be like him. People who call out to those others won’t love and care for.

Here is a fun youtube animation you can watch to relive the lesson and discuss and explore faith with your kids…


[Mark 1:18-22]
Jesus disciples were different. Others fasted, Jesus didn’t. Do people notice today that we are different? Jesus said they don’t because I am here. Do we believe Jesus is with us?

Digital Sabbath

[Mark 1:23-28]
With kids life can be chaotic. The default can be a phone, tablet or tv screen. We had a day with no screens. Jodi led on this and she made an observation, there were less tears that day. In the Bible Sabbath was made for man, not man made for it. It was designed and crafted to bring us longer term and a more meaningful joy. We are losing that today on screens.

What if you had a digital sabbath? If you do, please let us know how you get on. Email us at

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