If you are anything like me, NetFlix is just such a life saver. You need to clean, throw on a show and the kids will give you a little window to tidy up. But what if that window let you tidy up but also benefitted your kids spiritual development?

You know Netflix has so much content for kids. But there is some amazing content on there also. So let’s get stuck in…

Daniel Tiger

Daniel Tiger is not going to quote the Bible. It is not a Christian kids show, but wow, does it explore so many of the tough situations kids face. A new baby in the family, being afriad, processing your anger and emotions are just to name a few. It also has simple catchy songs that will stick in your childs head and help them process situations. I have often heard my daughter singing, ‘see what it is, you might feel better…’ when a shadow of a toy is on the wall at night and it is scary.

Veggie Tales

Veggie Tales has taken a few twists and turns down the years. I loved it back in the noughties (year 2000+) but when it was sold it seemed like it got toned down so much and ditched the stronger faith tones it once had.

The good news is, the NEW shows on Netflix are in my eyes, so far, so good. Good songs and great application of Bible stories, verses and beliefs in really life situations. Such a good show to watch with your children.

The Prince Of Egypt

Then there are the downright classics, The Prince of Egypt. Of course it is artistic so is not verse for verse Straight Outta Scripture. But for NetFlix this is as close as it will get.

Of course when it comes to the Prince of Egypt, it is not so much to help you do the housework. Better to sit down as a family and watch it together. This film is based on an account from the Exodus. A book in the Bible that starts from 2 key components that are so important to talk about today.

1. The new king did not remember who Joseph was, Joseph was used by God to save Egypt and Israel as well as other surrounding tribes and nation from starvation.

2.Hundreds of years later the King sees Israel without remembering how good it was that they came into their life.

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