God Can Heal A Frozen Heart

God Can Heal A Frozen Heart
Last Sunday we had our Frozen party, the kids had a great time. I wanted to share the talk with you as I feel it could be helpful to keep sharing this message with our children in conversation.
Not only that but this weekend Frozen 2 is coming to movie theatres, our kids may once again catch the frozen bug. When sitting and playing with Frozen dolls we can draw their attention to God’s amazing love for us.
Sometimes things happen to us in life that hurt us deeply, they can affect our heart. Often the other person has not intended it to, but it still does. Often bullies, have been bullied…
They have been hurt and now hurt others in a misguided idea that if they are the ones hurting, at least they are not the ones being hurt. Sometimes we can be tempted to have this attitude.
Elsa’s fear overpowers her and she starts to become icy to everyone around her. She used to be warm and fun but due to disappointment in life and things outside of her control. She has become an ice queen, cold to everyone around her. She even hurts her sister, she didn’t mean to she did it by accident.
That hurt, in turn, causes her sister’s heart to freeze.
Over time it causes her to be completely frozen.
But in a moment of love, she is healed and made whole. Not only is she made whole but her sister as well. Not to mention she glows with this new amazing love that warms all of Arendalle.
“There is no fear in love, but perfect LOVE casts out FEAR.”
Imagine what your love could do? God is love? Imagine what God’s love in us is capable of?
Through Annas love, Elsa’s fear is cast out.
Through Jesus love on the cross, my fear is cast out and yours can be too…
God can heal the frozen heart!

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