CityLite Bible App Challenge

CityLite Bible App Challenge

Doing church online is an amazing time full of opportunity. At CityHill London we want to create new discipleship opportunities for the whole family. One of the ways we can do this is via the Kids Bible App. The Kids Bible App is a wonderful interactive App available on all platforms.

The Kids Bible App brings stories form the Bible to life with interactive ways your children will enjoy. I am one of those parents who doesn’t really like their children playing games on devices.

I discovered recently on the Kids Bible App website there is a parents section with videos for children to watch, colouring sheets + activity books you can print off and complete with your children. Not to mention parent guides so that you can really maximise your spiritual time with your children.

As you journey through each story in the Bible you get stars for completing the story, answering questions, doing activities and more. The maximum you can get for each story is 3 stars. If your child gets 3 stars on a story take a screen grab and send us the picture to and we will give you a shout out on our insta stories.

We are going to start at the Easter story. For Holy Week we are going to be journeying through 5 stories:

The Donkey and the King

A Goodbye Meal

In The Garden

It Is Finished

A Happy Sunday

*The titles above that are in italics are links straight to videos created by the Kids Bible App.*

If you kids get 3 stars on any of those this week make sure you email a screen grab over to us. If you do any of the activity books or colouring sheets we would love to see pics of how your kids get on with them. Let us know if you would like us to post them on our social media platforms.

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