If Olaf Told Your Testimony

If Olaf Told Your Testimony

Unless you have been living with a tribe in the Amazon forest you will be aware of Frozen and Frozen 2. Maybe like me you have watched both movies too many times to admit.

I want to share with you our families favourite part from Frozen 2. I saw this video on YouTube and had to share, take a look…

Here is my challenge to us all. See how succinctly Olaf is able to recap the whole of the first Frozen saga in such a funny and informative manner, not to mention crazy short. Can you break down key stories of faith from your life or your family like that?

One of the best things my Dad ever did for me when I was a kid was to read the Bible to me. Tell me stories of what God has done for our family and pray with me each night. I can tell you testimonies from my Dad’s life. I can even tell you stories of what God did in his Fathers life. My Dad took the time to make sure those stories of people I knew, not some Christian the other side of the world. Not some Christian who was famous. But my family.

Imagine if you & I can be as masterful as Olaf in recapping to our kids on a regular basis what God has done for us personally. Wow.

Parents, join me in the Olaf challenge!

Now, don’t rush in. Get paper and pen, write down key points. Create a frame work of the key stories & information. Then make them age appropriate where you have to. Take some time on this. This may be one of the most important things you ever do for your child. I know that what my Dad shared with me was vital for my own faith journey!

Use your head as well as your heart…

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