Your Childs Favourite Bible Story

Your Childs Favourite Bible Story

As a child I remember my dad tucking me into bed praying with me and reading a Bible story to me before I went to sleep.

Every child has their favourite Bible story. I was no different, my favourite Bible story was David and Goliath. I would make my dad tell me the story again and again. My Dad had to literally force me to hear other stories from the Bible it got so bad.

It must of been how my Dad dramatised ‘Feed you to the Dogs!!!!’ that got me pumped as a kid. I can’t believe I ever went to sleep afterwards.

I thought it would be good this week to ask the question what is your Childs favourite Bible story & why? Please let us know in the commends section below…

Here are some Bible Story Books we recommend for a variety of ages…

The Little Bible Storybook [ AGED 2-4 ]

The Little Bible Storybook is the perfect gift storybook Bible for a friend who has just had a baby. The pictures are adorable and the stories are delightful. It has all the classics Bible stories for kids.

Stories Jesus Told [ AGED 4-7 ]

Stories Jesus Told is beautifully illustrated, and is a wonderful child friendly expression of the Parables Jesus shared to his disciples in the New Testament.

Minecraft Bible [ AGED 7-10 ]

Minecraft is such a popular game amongst kids. They won’t just play it, they will watch other kids or adults play Minecraft or talk about Minecraft online. It is like the digital generations answer to LEGO. They will love to read the Bible in Minecraft, connect with your kids where they are at. Allow God’s word to reach them in a new medium.

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  • by CityLite Posted 9th May 2020 4:31 pm

    My kids love the story of Jacob being born from the kids Message bible for some reason. No idea, think it is because he looks really hairy in the artwork hahahaha…

  • by Bible Buddy Posted 9th May 2020 4:32 pm

    David and Goliath as well!

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