My First Message Review

My First Message Review

Before I review one of my favourite kids’ Bibles ever, let me take a moment to reflect on its author.

Eugene Peterson

The recent sad news, that Eugene Peterson has gone to be with the Lord. Sad news for us, not for him.

Eugene Peterson is world renowned for his work in creating The Message paraphrase of the Bible. My (Pastor Andy) personal copy of the message is very loved and well worn. I am so grateful for the life and work of Eugene Peterson. He will be greatly missed.

I personally feel that his most underrated achievement was the ‘My First Message’ Bible for kids. I have never loved a kids Bible more in my entire life.

Fantastic illustrations throughout, the artwork is consistently beautiful, bold and colourful.

Each Bible story is short and to the point. Not only that, there is an activity to do for your child to learn and action God’s Word. There is a pause for thought and reflection. Not to mention something to talk to God about from the story. This is the first children’s Bible I have seen that is not so much about the story, but engaging the child with the story. Helping them be apart of the continuous words that God is still seeking to speak into our world here and now.

My First Message is aimed at children from 4-8. You can start a little earlier say 3, but I would recommend waiting.

I would also recommend parents to read the story beforehand so that you can have what you need ready to live out the activities with your children.

This is my favourite children’s Bible solely because teaching your children to be true disciples of Jesus, is all about action. This Bible does that better than the rest.

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